Inter-house Arts Fest PRATIBHA

13 Jul 2023

We are thrilled to kick off our much-awaited Inter-house Arts Fest PRATIBHA with a captivating calligraphic touch???? Our Chief Guest, master calligrapher, Mr. Narayana Bhattathiri graced our inauguration by beautifully inscribing the name of our fest, PRATIBHA in elegant strokes! ???????? ✍️???? @nbhattathiri is a true maestro in the art of calligraphy, and witnessing his mesmerizing skills firsthand was a profound experience for all of us. His intricate strokes and delicate brushwork left us in awe, showcasing the profound beauty of this timeless art form. ✍️Swipe left to admire the intricacy and detail of the incredible pencil sketch by Siddhartha Mohan of IX extending our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Bhattathiri for gracing our institution with his presence and for being a beacon of inspiration to our budding artists. ????